DBS Cyber

The digital battlefield demands a new paradigm – one where passive defense spells disaster. This manifesto ignites a revolution in cybersecurity, championing a relentless, proactive intelligence-driven strategy to stay ahead of ever-evolving threats.

It challenges outdated defensive postures, calling for organizations to embrace the intelligence cycle as the cornerstone of resilient cybersecurity. It emphasizes the critical need to understand the threat landscape, dissect vulnerabilities, and cultivate a deep strategic perspective.

The manifesto underscores the transformative power of intelligence. It proclaims how intelligence-driven insights inform decisive actions, enabling swift responses that minimize the impact of cyberattacks.

This manifesto is a clarion call for all those responsible for safeguarding digital assets. It demands a future where organizations refuse to be mere targets, instead becoming intelligent adversaries, preempting attacks and ensuring a secure and resilient digital landscape.


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