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Elizabeth Stephens, a retired Marine Corps Major, seamlessly blends her personal journey with a fervor for change. After questioning world peace, engaging with world leaders, attending the Naval Academy, and serving in the Marine Corps, she found inspiration through a life-altering experience in the NICU, propelling her to advocate for children in need. 

Elizabeth firmly believes that cybersecurity education is crucial for future generations. With a mission to provide 1 million children with access to this vital field of study, she invites you to join her movement and make a lasting impact on our world.  

In addition to her advocacy, Elizabeth Stephens also offers exceptional cybersecurity services. Leveraging her extensive background in the Marine Corps and profound understanding of the digital landscape, she provides comprehensive solutions to safeguard individuals, organizations, and our country’s digital infrastructure. By joining her movement, you can benefit from her expertise and help create a secure and resilient cyber environment together. 

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Cyber Kids

Empower the next generation with essential cybersecurity skills through our innovative 'kids teaching kids' video training series, designed to educate children and parents alike on online safety.


(Trauma-Oriented Virtual Assistant)
'Where you Only need to Tell Your Story Once." Offering discreet and immediate help when anxiety, depression, or the weight of trauma becomes too much to bear.

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Elevate your event or conference with the impactful presence of Elizabeth Stephens, a seasoned public speaker.

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