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Elizabeth Stephens is not just a speaker; she’s an inspiration for a secure and empowered future. Don’t miss this chance to hear from her.

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A Journey of Innovation and Empowerment. Get ready for an inspiring speaker session featuring the visionary Ghanaian American, Elizabeth Stephens. Her remarkable journey is a testament to breaking barriers and transforming industries.
Elizabeth’s story is one of trailblazing achievements. From being the first black female Naval Academy graduate to becoming the inaugural woman to pilot the MV-22 Osprey aircraft, she has left an indelible mark in history.
As the former Director of Data Center Cyber Risk Intelligence at Microsoft, Elizabeth orchestrated seamless information integration into operational planning. Her expertise in cybersecurity and risk evaluation ensures the safety of critical infrastructure and facilities through proactive defense strategies.
Join us to discover Elizabeth’s mission as the founder of DBS Cyber LLC. She’s on a quest to empower individuals against the rising tide of cyber threats. Learn how she equips them with knowledge, skills, and tools to be unwavering defenders
Elizabeth’s global experiences underscored the need for security and unity. Her journey led to the establishment of DBS Cyber, a response to the distressing toll of cyberattacks and a commitment to safeguarding healthcare, education, and vital infrastructure.
In the ever-evolving cyber landscape, challenges are embraced as opportunities for innovation. Elizabeth is ready to adapt and stay at the forefront of digital defense, ensuring the safety of virtual realms.
Be part of the movement to create a safer digital world. Elizabeth’s passion, fortified by real impact, is set to attract support and collaboration. Learn how you can contribute to this visionary endeavor.

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