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The unique burdens experienced by diverse populations underscore the potential of this solution. Children exposed to violence, veterans grappling with the aftermath of combat, first responders witnessing repeated tragedy, and others facing overwhelming stress can all find support in a social robot’s constant availability and non-judgmental presence. TOVA could be a lifeline, offering discreet and immediate intervention when anxiety, depression, or the weight of trauma becomes too much to bear.

TOVA, Trauma-Oriented Virtual Assistant for PTSD Support

TOVA, meaning “good” in Hebrew, is an innovative mental health application designed to break down barriers to care for individuals struggling with PTSD and other mental health challenges. It harnesses the power of social robotics and AI technology within a secure and compassionate digital environment.

The Heart of TOVA

This project is about so much more than technology. It’s about reaching those struggling in silence, facing unique stresses, and anyone, regardless of location or circumstance, who needs support. Imagine…

  • A child, alone after trauma, finally feeling understood by their gentle virtual companion.
  • A veteran, isolated and haunted, finding a safe space to process their pain.
  • A single mother struggling to manage stress and anxiety, overwhelmed by the unseen threats, gaining tools to manage their anxiety.

This is the change TOVA aims to make. Won’t you join us in bringing this vision to life?